Current Members

Babylon Microfarms develops automated hydroponic systems for the restaurant and hospitality industries that grow fresh, sustainable and organic food on-site.

GOGO BAND, INC. is a technology company developing the first biometric wearable device to treat pediatric enuresis. Using proprietary bio-sensing IPAS technology, GOGO BAND provide parents with the tools needed to dramatically improve their children's quality of life.


Trace RX delivers track and trace capabilities across your entire supply chain to empower decisions and save lives.


Former Members


Zynnovation, LLC is pursuing the development of novel green and biomedical technologies. Their focus is in recycling technologies, chemical sensor development, green technology, surface science, adhesives and coatings.

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Green Biologics is a renewable chemicals company focussed on developing and delivering new green alternatives for everyday products

The ITL Group is a trusted design and manufacturing partner for leading life-saving medical technology, diagnostic devices and analytical instruments. They provide a full service solution, taking client projects from conceptualization and product development right through to full scale manufacturing and after-sales support.

Ultrasonic Probe, LLC (DBA: USProbe) is applying advanced technologies to address unresolved medical needs in the dental industry.  Building on over 30 man-years of experience in the dental industry and partnering with premier technology institutions, the company is prepared to provide a novel and unique capability to dental professionals around the world.  


Lifecycle Organic Waste, Inc is a Charlottesville, VA based company dedicated to removing organic waste from the solid waste stream to alleviate the strain on landfills, provide green alternatives and produce reusable products.